Step 1: Choose Material

Coated Paper

Coated Paper

Low cost and excellent print quality make coated paper the most common choice for printed labels. The coating can be gloss, semi-gloss, or matte. The adhesive can be permanent (standard), removable, or freezer-safe. For cover-up labels, we can use opaque material with a special black adhesive that prevents anything from showing through.

Fluorescent Paper

This material comes in green, orange, red, pink, and chartreuse (yellow). It provides a cost-effective option for producing attention-grabbing labels with a very simple printed design (often black ink).

Fluorescent Paper
Foil Paper

Gold Foil & Silver Foil

This material is available in bright gold, bright silver, dull gold, and dull silver. If other metallic colors are needed for a design, we can print translucent ink over silver foil. It is also possible to use opaque ink to make selected parts of the label non-metallic.

Plastic Films

Plastic film labels can provide two important features: water resistance and transparency. We manufacture mylar labels, vinyl labels, polypropylene labels, and more. Most films can be made transparent, white, or silver. Please call (800) 332-9752 for more information.

Labelyte mylar and Vinyl Labels
Destructible Void Paper

Specialty Papers

Labels can be printed on almost any adhesive material. Tamper-proof labels can be made with VOID mylar. After they are applied, removal attempts will cause a highly visible VIOD pattern to appear. Piggy-back labels carry a second label that can be peeled off and re-applied. They are useful for promotional stickers. Thermal transfer, laser, and inkjet labels are also available. Please call (800) 332-9752 for more information on specialty materials.