The Three Must-Have Qualities of a Trusted Printing Company

In your search for a dependable printing company, you may run into all sorts of providers. Some may try to woo you with lofty assurances but zero results, while others may just treat you preferentially, while some others may not advertise much, but deliver well. Among the three mentioned kinds, you can only pick one, and the one picked by you must be the last kind. Regardless of your order and expectations, always look for three primary qualities in label printing companies in Los Angeles for these three qualities make them the most trusted of all. Continue reading “The Three Must-Have Qualities of a Trusted Printing Company”

FDA’s Refreshed Packaged Food Label

In an attempt to open access to complete information for buyers, FDA announced some changes to packaged food labels in 2016. The announcement came on May 20th of the same year, wherein the board declared that all packaged food companies are now mandated to provide scientific information in their food labels, for example, the connection between a certain diet and obesity, heart diseases and other chronic conditions. Continue reading “FDA’s Refreshed Packaged Food Label”

5 Key Characteristics of a Great Label

Packaging is one of the critical parts of marketing. It is the label of a product that pulls or drives the buyers away. So, if you haven’t got the label right, your product will not sell even if it’s outstanding. In marketing, labels play a huge role in making a product sellable. Because packing of a product is what meets the eye at first, it is a seller’s single shot at interesting the buyers. There are some characteristics that a label maker focuses on to make it great. Let’s take a look at what they are: Continue reading “5 Key Characteristics of a Great Label”